For 76 years we have been working together closely with cleaning professionals from around the world. We have borrowed their wisdom and expertise and converted it inside the lab.  Pro-Clean natural rubber is exclusively designed for cleaning.

From the Cleaning Crews of California to the Mosques of Mekka, Pro-Clean is used throughout the world and praised for its consistency and professionally clean results


Pro-Clean® rubber guarantees:


Water repellency

The natural rubber formulation deflects water and creates cleaner and drier results.



Closed cell rubber with reinforced skin on the inside. This creates a longlasting rubber with very high resistance to tear



Pro-clean rubber has very high flexibility. This allows you to reach every groove and hole on every single wipe.



Pro-Clean® Black

This is your go-to reference for consistent clean floors.  The pro-clean black rubber is the flagship of the Racletta rubberrange.  Used throughout the world for public places, offices and general domestic use.  This rubber will guarantee Pro-clean floors every single time

Pro-Clean® White

Pro-Clean white is a natural white rubber will quickly exposes all dirt and unhygienic areas.  the perfect solution for high end hygiene applications and pale floors.

Pro-Clean® Neoprene

This perfect blend of Natural rubber and neoprene create a harder, stronger version of rubber with very high resistance. This is the perfect solution for oily and chemically spilled floors.  The perfect squeegee for any garage or industrial environment.