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Garden Dustpans

21 April 2021

Spring time is finally upon us!

The sun is out and the grass is growing.
The ideal moment to tidy up the garden and bring out the barbecue.

=> check out our range of metal dustpans and coal shovels to help keep that garden in perfect shape!

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New SingleFix Plastic Squeegee

1 October 2020

We have developped a brand new single fix plastic squeegee. A new plastic squeegee that can hold threaded handles without any use of inserts.

Check out the plastic squeegee section for more pictures.

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New articles

11 January 2018




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European Brushware Federation

1 July 2016

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Monoblock Hygiene Squeegee

15 January 2016

We have developped a new squeegee, the Monoblock hygiene squeegee.

This monoblock hygienic squeegee has a very soft and effective rubber lip, perfect for collecting and drying surfaces or floors. This squeegee is espacilally used in the food and health sector for its perfect cleaning. The rubber lip is angled to facilitate cleaning close to walls and around equipment without any problems.  The squeegee is made of inorganic material which does not absorb moisture.  Very strong and long - lasting for its 100 % pure material. Super tough rubber integrated into the structure of squeegee.


Available from May 1, 2016

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